Meet the members!

Lab Director

Dr. Preetha Chatterjee

Assistant Professor, Drexel University

  • (2021) Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Delaware
  • (2016) M.S. in Computer Science, University of Delaware

Current Students

Amirali Sajadi

Ph.D. Student, Drexel University

Amirali Sajadi has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and started his PhD studies in Fall 2022 at Drexel University. Amirali’s main research interests are in software engineering and the use of machine learning and NLP to better understand and improve the software development process.

Ramtin Ehsani

Ph.D. Student, Drexel University

Ramtin Ehsani received his Bachelor of Science from IUST majoring in Computer Engineering. His research interests lie in the intersection of software engineering, machine learning, and NLP. He joined the SOAR lab in the Winter of 2023 at Drexel to start his Ph.D. studies.

Sakshi Pathak

M.S. Student, Drexel University

Sakshi is a computer science master’s student at Drexel University who joined the SOAR lab in December 2023. Sakshi’s passion lies in the world of software development, and specifically, revolve around software engineering and machine learning.

Binh Le

B. Sc. Student, Drexel University

Binh is a Computer Science major and an aspiring Software Engineer. Binh’s primary interests are in utilizing Machine Learning and AI applications in Software Development for technological breakthroughs. Other than that, he is a content creator seeking to build things which inspire others to live out their best lives.

Anh Nguyen

B. Sc. Student, Drexel University

Anh is a pre-junior majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration. He is extremely fascinated by how cutting-edge software and data analytics are rapidly shaping the business world. Outside of school, he spends time hiking in the mountains, exploring nature, or reading a novel.


Giles Odigwe

B. Sc. Student, Drexel University

Giles is a 4th-Year Computer and Software Engineering student at Drexel University with a minor in Software Engineering. His academic journey is deeply rooted in a passion for technology, especially in the realm of software engineering.

Mustafa Bookwala

B. Sc. Student, Drexel University

Mustafa is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics and Data Science. His research interests are primarily in Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning.

Shyamal Mishra

M.Sc. Student, Drexel University

Shyamal Mishra’s expertise lies in developing software applications, designing user interfaces, and implementing complex algorithms using various programming languages and frameworks.

Vanessa Martinez

Undergraduate Student, Drexel University

Vanessa Martinez is a Computer Science major with a Computer Engineering minor at Drexel University. She received her A.S. in Computer Science while in high school at Mercer County Community College. Her research interests are in software engineering, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction.

Yashasvi Jain

Undergraduate Student, Drexel University

Yashasvi is a Computer Science major and a Neuroscience minor at Drexel University. He believes that brain-machine interfaces are the next hot topics in technology, and he wishes to pursue that. Yashasvi feels strongly about digital privacy, decentralization, and true digital ownership of intellectual property. He is interested in exploring blockchain, cryptography, machine learning.

Thomas Do

Undergraduate Student, Drexel University